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Ali'i Nui Hawai'i

Using Culture, Fashion and Art as our vessel of communication, we invite you to join us on our journey of.....Education and Inspiration!


"Just as our ancestors navigated the waters of the Pacific Ocean in search of new lands and a better way of life.... The MALAMA PROJECT is embarking on a journey to create a brighter future for the children of Hawaiʼi by helping them achieve their fullest potential through education. With your help, we will create academic tools of empowerment for students in Hawai'i as a path towards higher learning, individual growth and broader social change."  -Shalee Kekawa, Malama Project Ambassador


Malama means to "care for". Our Vision is to care for our children's education, our culture, lands, waters, and our future. We believe our future begins with our children, and in order for the People of Hawai’i to have a brighter future, we must help light the path for our youth today. This is why we have founded the MALAMA PROJECT. 

We believe that in order to build a strong community, we must have a solid foundation on which we can build upon. By creating culturally relevant products which are academic, fashionable, and Inspirational, students who do not have the financial resources to have these basic and essential tools, can now focus on their academics and take pride in who they are, where they come from, and most importantly... where they aspire to go to in life! 



IMAGINE... A young Hawaiian Student going off to school wearing a Hawaiian design themed Back-Pack over his or her shoulders, and inside their Backpack, a 3-Ring Binder / Organizer with Native Hawaiian Cover-Art with words of Inspiration from our Queen Liliuokalani, along with an insulated lunch-box designed to keep their meal fresh. 

IMAGINE... How proud would this student feel?....How empowered would they be throughout each day at school? Imagine this taking place with students of all grade-levels throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We believe OUR MESSAGE will be transforming, both culturally and socially.


To begin our journey, our goal is to raise $50,000 to produce a series of Educational Tools of Empowerment consisting of; Culturally inspired Backpacks, 3-ring Binders / School Organizers, Insulated Lunch Bags, and Lap-Top Carriers for all grade levels — from Elementary through High School.

Beginning with the Island of Kauai, then continuing our journey across the Hawaiian Islands, OUR GOAL is to produce and DONATE our Malama Tools of Empowerment to Schools and Educators. By creating products which connect students with their educational needs and cultural roots, we believe we can help put students on a path toward Higher Learning... Individual Growth....and Broader Social Change.

We believe the MALAMA Project can grow a stronger community, one student, and one school at a time. With your support, OUR VISION WILL BECOME A REALITY! 


The greater your contribution...The greater Your Rewards!

We ask that you please join us to help inspire our youth to achieve their fullest potential through education. With your support, we will create opportunities for higher learning as a path towards individual growth and broader social change.

As a symbol of our appreciation for joining us on the MALAMA PROJECT journey and pledging your support... you will have your choice of products from our Ali'i Nui Collection. By Selecting a Level of Support and PERK, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping create a brighter future for students throughout Hawai’i....and LOOK GOOD DOING IT!








Once we have successfully launched the MALAMA PROJECT, we also have a LONG-TERM PLAN of SUSTAINABILITY in-place to help fund and promote our program.... featuring the "ALI'I NUI COLLECTION" of Original Designs. Each product in our Collection is designed to appeal to the people of Hawai'i, as well as the millions of visitors who come to experience the beauty of our culture and Islands each year. 

Products in the ALI'I NUI COLLECTION are available to purchase on our secure On-Line Store at: www.alii-nui.com. We will soon be offering our products to Specialty-Retail-Stores throughout Hawai'i, as well as having Mobile-Sales-Booths at cultural events such as: Hula Competitions, Music Festivals, Outrigger Canoe Competitions, and Surf Contest. 


1. Community Partnerships: Building Partnerships with Educators throughout Hawai'i to assist their Students needs with Educational Tools of Empowerment and Incentives. 

2. Ali'i Nui Collection, Sales & Marketing: We have spent the last 24 Months developing the Malama Project, designing the Ali'i Nui Collection, cultivating our social media audience and creating our Long-Term Plan for Sustainability. 

3. On-line Internet Sales: Our WEBSITE will showcase our Ali’i Nui products online to a global audience, and to serve as our vessel of cultural communication for Hawai'i and Polynesia. www.alii-nui.com

4. Retail Sales Relationships throughout the Hawaiian Islands: Our sales representatives are ready to start booking our products into retail stores throughout Hawaii. Our products will be available at specialty retail, surf shops, cultural centers, national parks, hotels / resorts and high-end retail stores throughout Hawai'i.

5. Direct Sales / Cultural Events: We have our Mobile-Sales-Booth program calendared for Cultural Events such as: Hula Competitions, Outrigger Canoe events, Music Festivals and Surf Contest' in both amateur and professional competitions.  

On-line Internet Sales

Direct Sales / Cultural Events


THE TIME IS NOW FOR OUR JOURNEY TO BEGIN. Using Fashion and Art as our vessel of communication, we ask for your support in creating academic tools of empowerment.

We believe the Malama Project will be a transforming vessel of positive change. However, with as much as we have accomplished on our own, we simply do not have the financial resources to finance the production of our initial Malama Project / Youth Empowerment Product-Line. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!

SHARE YOUR ALOHA. We invite you, your family and friends to join us in supporting our Malama Project, and our Ali'i Nui products. The level of success we achieve in our 6 week Campaign will determine how many students we can help put on a path toward Higher Learning... Individual Growth....and Broader Social Change.

We need to build as big of a following as we can in order to successfully launch our Crowd-Funding Campaign. Please Share our PROJECT and our MESSAGE with your family, Facebook Friends, and co-workers, to help us create a brighter future for our youth. 

In closing, Mahalo Nui Loa for allowing us to share OUR STORY.... and to share the need of our STUDENTS and OUR SCHOOLS.

With your support...There are no limits to our journey of Education and Inspiration!

LIKE US, SHARE US, JOIN US: www.facebook.com/AliiNui4Malama

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.alii-nui.com


Thank you for your support!

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